Are men superior? ??

A friend of mine brought to my attention that she started a job after being out of work for nearly a year…She works with men and noticed that she is the only woman..That doesn’t bother her at all but as she is getting to know old and new employees it seems as they are making more money doing the same job and some even starting weeks after maybe 10..15..or 25 cent more it’s still a question that should very well be addressed…this is very common in the workplace it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s unfair, sexist and just plain wrong in my opinion…

Now in the companys defense they have a right to issue what they feel ppl deserve.BUT they probably feel that she should be greatful on just being there. 👎My opinion I would say something even tho no one should be discussing pay because every situation is different If we are doing the same job, same breaks, same schedule we should get same pay unless u been there awhile other than that equal….I have a ton of experience and I should get paid more on my job, but I don’t because my management experience and medical billing and adult  novelty experience ain’t got nothing to do with me working at a uniform company….WYT? I love different opinions and I analyze every angle. I listen to all sides…whatchathink she should do? say something or just be glad she has a job….(I was once the shut up and be glad type at once) But I feel good when I voice my opinion even when I’m wrong and this ain’t right……


Classy or Rachet….either way u got the same damn problemso



4 thoughts on “Are men superior? ??

  1. I agree that it should be equal, but one has to think about the country we reside in. Women have come along way, but this is still a male driven society.


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