What’s up Wednesday

Well today I was emailed a question which is……

How to make the man u want fall in love with you???

Mary Jane

A man’s going to do what he wants to do

You can’t make a man fall in love with u

Only time will tell if it’s meant to be

Be yourself and in time u will see

Love usually comes when not expected

Don’t just give your heart u must protect it

Be confident in u and put yourself first

No man want a woman that dying of thirst

Don’t be available and make him wonder

Mystery is good keep him guessin and ponder

Getting a man’s attention is never hard

But keeping him interested is usually the hard part…



Today is Tuesday and still no questions

If you have any questions where would you post them? For right now just leave them in the comments until I create another site for ask Mary Jane. I want to thank the people who checked out my blog it really means a lot and I hope to gain readers that are interested in poetry on demand



Welcome to my blog, I hope that you will like,

U can ask me anything I’m sure to make it right.

I can provide you with advice, in hope that it can help.

You can take it or just leave it, or go find somebody else.

I’m not here to judge you, cause I’m sure I’m probably worst

Ask Mary Jane anything, cause you won’t be the first.

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Ask Mary Jane…Any Questions?

Today is Monday the second day of my blog..I am hoping I can help people with situations and put my words in a poem…I think people will like my response and the way I put issues in rhyming poems. I have been writing poems since I can remember and I love it…I just want to share my gift and maybe brighten someone’s day.

U will come up with different topics and i will give my honest opinion and feedback..Although people may not like what I say everyone has an opinion and I respect the difference in people and learn from different sinerios…

If u have friends, family, and they need advice please visit my blog and ask me anything u will love the answer or the way it rhymes.

If u want to be negative I have 0 tolerance for stupidity u don’t have to like me I’m not asking you to but if your looking for someone to argue with keep it moving



Mary Jane


Are men superior? ??

A friend of mine brought to my attention that she started a job after being out of work for nearly a year…She works with men and noticed that she is the only woman..That doesn’t bother her at all but as she is getting to know old and new employees it seems as they are making more money doing the same job and some even starting weeks after her..it maybe 10..15..or 25 cent more it’s still a question that should very well be addressed…this is very common in the workplace it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s unfair, sexist and just plain wrong in my opinion…

Now in the companys defense they have a right to issue what they feel ppl deserve.BUT they probably feel that she should be greatful on just being there. ­čĹÄMy opinion I would say something even tho no one should be discussing pay because every situation is different If we are doing the same job, same breaks, same schedule we should get same pay unless u been there awhile other than that equal….I have a ton of experience and I should get paid more on my job, but I don’t because my management experience and medical billing and adult ┬ánovelty experience ain’t got nothing to do with me working at a uniform company….WYT? I love different opinions and I analyze every angle. I listen to all sides…whatchathink she should do? say something or just be glad she has a job….(I was once the shut up and be glad type at once) But I feel good when I voice my opinion even when I’m wrong and this ain’t right……


Classy or Rachet….either way u got the same damn problemso


First blog post

The reason for this blog is to help individuals with everyday issues such as love, friends, sex, relationships, drugs, jail, pretty much any issue. Only I will respond in a REAL poem and give u the best advice. I will tell u the truth and make it rhyme…Ask me anything I understand and appreciate the difference in ppl and I analyze from all angles….

First question:

How do I know my partner is cheating?


If things aren’t the same,

And u notice a change,

It could be a simple mind game.

Don’t say a word but open your eyes,

In your heart is where the truth lies.

If u have to ask then you already know,

But is he worth a fight or just let go.

Love yourself in whatever u choose,

It hurts like hell but we all play the fool.